Charitable workshops are events that help groups or individuals of the community by providing coordinated resources for use toward the establishment of regenerative edible gardens and food forests.  They do this while bringing awareness of fading concepts back into society.  We don’t have to look more than just a few generations back to find a society that was in stark contrast to what we see today…We’d like to see the return of perseverance, resourcefulness and responsibility.  There is so much to be learned from a garden aside from ph levels and irrigation methods.  If we can relearn these important life skills while helping out a family with a new garden, we have taken a big step in the right direction.  Volunteers and coordinators work together to provides for the needs of a group or individual by establishing the foundation for these core values.  Hard skills (transplanting, rain catchment, irrigation, etc) and soft skills (social networking, idea sharing, communication, etc) are both taught and learned by the participants of the event.

Topic based workshops are events that are hosted by groups or individuals who are interested in an in-depth emersion of knowledge and hands-on experience.  Class topics can cover just about anything:  Permaculture concepts, tree grafting, composting, worm farming, business models, etc.  The host is responsible for making the event site available, setting the date, time, class size and topic of discussion.  Good Stewards provides all of the take-home and hands-on learning material and takes a lead role in filling the seats of the event.  The cost of attending a topic based workshop varies on the parameters set on the event by the host.

New events are posted on this page and published as a blog.  Please contact for additional information.

Upcoming Events:

Composting Workshop on November 15th at 11:00 am in Lakewood