Here We Grow!!

Good Stewards is now in the process of securing a new facility where we will be able to introduce chickens!!  We plan on soliciting local growers of produce for the “spoiled” product.  Diverting this waste stream from the landfill is going to provide us with a great resource that will significantly offset the amount of store-bought feed that will go to the chickens.

*The nutritional benefit means healthier meat and eggs!

*The social benefit is more mutual relationships between groups and individuals!

*The environmental benefit (among many other things) is less input/output of resources!

*The economic benefit is less money spent of feed for us and less money spent of disposal services for the grower!

While the chickens scratch through the produce, it will continue to decompose and encourage bugs to take habitat within it, providing an excellent source of protein for the birds.  Once the chickens have lost interest, the material will graduate to the compost pile where it will develop into an element that will be used in products like soil amendment and potting soil.  We are very excited about this next step!!

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