Sunday Exchange is where its at

Think of it as a special farmer’s market…less for profit and more for fellowship.  This is a place where growers can bring their produce for charity, trade or sale.  Product isn’t the only thing being exchanged though; There are lots of ideas and handshakes too.  The growers are not mega farmers or small scale farmers;  They are micro farmer- urban farmers.  They are neighbors who coordinate their product through the seasons.  The cooperation and fellowship through experience, culture and strong relationships is amazing.  Churches inherently glow with these virtues and reap the rewards of social outreach with ever-more fertile grounds.  As the buzz around these events gets louder and louder, more and more interested people show up for the good time and stay for the spiritual growth.  As leaders, we have to seek out opportunities to feed the flock.  The Sunday Exchange is the fruit of  deeper and deeper spiritual, cultural and social health.