Feed Your Flock

Churches are one of the greatest stores of wealth and continue make great changes in society.

-Spiritual Capital- Groups or individuals with healthy spiritual lives have a broader understanding of life; One that brings into focus the before and after of our conscious experience.  That same thought pattern can be applied to the products of life.  For example: Relationships, jobs, businesses- What led up to the creation of those partnerships? What happens at the end of the partnership?  What is the center (motivation) of the partnership?  This spiritual state feeds mental health and increases responsible behavior and lends itself to kindle resilience.

-Social Capital-  If we are up for a challenge, we can try to find a group of people that are more passionate about gathering together in fellowship than the religious crowd… It’d be a pretty tough task.  This practice accumulates a massive amount of various capitol; Relationships being the cornerstone.  “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.  I don’t know who said that, but it came from a smart mind.  The beautiful thing about social capitol is that it is self replicating.

-Cultural Capital- The foundation of who we are as a society is cultural.  The stronger the culture, the stronger the foundation.  The stronger the foundation the more it will support.  Strength comes from cultural capitol.

-Experiential Capital- The combined experience of even the smallest congregation is amazing.  The diversity means that challenges can be overcome and victories can be won.

The alignment of this wealth behind a good cause will propel it into the pleasure of God.  Hosting a Sunday Exchange activates the holdings of a church and creates a buzz that can’t be overlooked.  The congregation is hungry for the satisfaction of the will of God… Feed your flock.


Vision Church of Long Beach, Pastor Hector Mora.  VisionLongBeach.com