FamilyIt all started with a worm… well maybe a few worms and a desire for a healthy garden.  My wife and I heard about the benefits these little critters offer, so we  loaded up the kiddo and headed off to the bait and tackle store so that we could start a worm bin.  We didn’t know much about what we were doing, but we knew it would be great progress, so we did our research and got started.  Eventually, that small cup of worms turned into a tray of worms, the food we fed them was turned into incredible fertilizer and a husband and wife were transformed into urban farmers.  By then, our worm population had grown by the thousands, the garden had exploded with dozens of species and our family was blessed with one more child. 

We are your neighbors and your friends… Having Good Stewards around is having a helping hand.  We facilitate dreams; Dreams of sustainability, health, development and so much more.  Let us show you how with hands-on work shops and interactive on-line media. We offer product sales of premium worm castings, nutrient dense compost and a variety of nursery plants.